The Slayers - Evolution R

The Slayers series has become a classic of the fantasy anime genre with its balance of slapstick humor, exciting action sequences and battles, and intricate plots.  The latest installment of the series is called Evolution R, and picks up were Revolution left off.  Lina and her companions are searching for a jar that contains the soul of Rezo, the Red Priest.  Along the way they are harrassed by the assassin, so-and-so, and two monsters.

Overall, this series feels very much like Next with a similar balance of comedy, action, and drama.  Certainly, this is a worthy heir to The Slayers dynasty and I heartily recommend it.  For those who have not previous watched any Slayers series, I would recommend at least watching Revolution.  However, all of The Slayers is available on Netflix streaming, so you might as well watch the whole thing. 


Jim Arthurs

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