Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

The Future is Now

It is the year 2027 and technology has started to advance to the point where it is merging with humanity. The line between man and machine has started to blur, and it is in this world that Deus Ex has placed us. You are Adam Jensen, head of security for Serif Industries.  Serif is one of the leaders in human augmentation.  It is your job to protect your place of business from corporate sabotage and possible terrorism from Purist, a group of people that find augmentation a sin against the human body.  They are not necessarily a terrorist group, but there are extremists within any movement.  You are first introduced to the world by talking with Dr. Megan Reed (I think she is your girlfriend).  While walking around with her you see many of Sarif’s experiments, and eventually talk with the owner David Sarif.  That is when things go to hell and an environmental alarm goes off.  As the head of security you head on down to take care of things to find some guys that look like a black ops team.  They have invaded just as Megan is getting ready to make leave for a conference in DC for a breakthrough announcement.  You are even doing a good job holding your own against these soldiers, until an augmented infiltrator throws you through several inches of safety glass almost killing you.  You are kinda saved by Megan, but at this point you pass out due to blood loss and fade to black.