Funniest Game of 2011

Humor can be great medicine.  If you have had a crappy day it can uplift your spirit.  It can help you realize things are not so bad. Without humor the world would be a very dull and boring place.  As a result we felt the that there should be a reward for the funniest game of 2011.  We choose from the following nominees:

Portal 2
Saints Row the Third

And the award goes to Saints Row the Third. This game is unable to take itself serious at all.  Between the merchandising, shootouts and weapons (giant purple phallus anyone?) the game is full of laughs.  The game is one giant satirical joke about itself.  And as such is the funniest game of 2011.

I do want to give a nod to our runner-up and honorable mention, Portal 2.  It was the one I personally was pulling for, but got out voted.  Stupid democratic process.