NDK Sets Record Hotel Reservations

As many of you may know NDK is a bit off still, about 8 months roughly away, but that doesn't mean you can get lazy and complacent. Reservations for the DTC Marriott, the hotel where the convention is held, started yesterday. All the normal and atrium rooms for the hotel sold out in an hour. This is a record for the convention and a sign that they are quickly out growing the convention space of the hotel, but we already knew that. At the time of this writing the hotel still had outside balcony rooms available and it is possible a cancellation will open up some rooms in coming months. I personally would not hold my breath on that happening. The anime geeks will be watching for those like hawks.

If all else fails then you can also get a room at the Hyatt and Hilton hotels nearby. From experience the Hyatt (after correction) is a nice hotel with a decent restaurant and the walk over isn't as bad as you would think. It's also good to remember to pre-register for the convention just in case with the attendance cap in place because you don't want to be left out do you?

To see the posts for NDK record hotel reservations, please visit their website here.  If you'd like to pre-register for NDK, you can do so through this link here.  We look forward to seeing you all there again this year!