The Professional Gamer - October 11, 2012

Man, its been a busy few weeks, with precious little time for gaming and even less for writing.  As we discussed in the podcast, the onset of autumn has added a number of important chores to our workload.  I have managed to squeeze in a few hours for geeky pursuits. 

First, I've finished watching B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time.  I watched it on Hulu, which means that all of the episodes were subtitled.  I like this series a lot; enough so that I'm thinking about buying it so that I can watch the dubbed version.  After watching that, I've moved right back to Doctor Who.  Currently in the third season and just gotten through the introduction of Martha Jones.  I will say that my first impression of the Martha is much more positive than my first impression of Rose Tyler.  We'll see how this turns out as we get to know more about her.

I've also been able to spend a bit of time in Skyrim.  Recently, I decided to start a new character, this time focusing on magic use.  Thus far, this character has been enormously more fun than my previous sneaky archer.

Much of my time during the past few weeks has been spent either playing or planning my Dungeons and Dragons game.  I'm currently running a 4th Edition homebrew world game and periodically run the D&D Next playtest material with my group.

In summary, I've found some great things to fill the small amount of leisure time that I have had outside of necessary chores this week, and hope to find some more time to spend with these activities in the next few weeks.