Denver Comic Con 2013 - It's Coming

Sure it is still around 6 months away, but that does not mean it is too soon to plan for Denver Comic Con 2013. Starting on November 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM (AKA: Black Friday) you can buy your tickets. So far there are three ticket levels, only two of which have prices. Your normal 3-Day pass is $45. This allows you to the con as a normal human. It is your base, I want to go on a budget pass. Next is the VIP pass. This makes you special. You get in 60 minutes early on Friday and 30 minutes early on Saturday / Sunday. A shorter line for autograph and photo ops with guests (during their scheduled times). A shorter line for main events, t-Shirt, commemorative pint glass, lanyard, VIP Badge, and either 1 autograph or photo with a guest (convention's choice). All of this is yours for $150. This brings us to the Stan Lee VIP package. You get all the things in the normal VIP package plus reserved seating for Stan Lee's panel, special photo op with Stan Lee, one item autographed by Stan Lee, and a Stan Lee VIP badge. No clue on the price of this one, so lets just say you will need to empty you savings on this one.