Denver Comic Con Guests Confirmed


Have you already purchased your 3 Day pass to Denver Comic Con? Good, glad to hear it. Since you have your pass to the halls the geekdom built you will probably want to know whom you will see there. You already know about Stan Lee, but who else will you see?

The first guest, that will hopefully be able to show this year, is Wil Wheaton. Many of you know he was supposed to show up last year but due to some last minute schedule conflicts he had to cancel. To make it up to us he is bringing along Robin Thorsen (Clara, The Guild) and Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo, also The Guild) this year. Another fine geek actor / voice actor is Kelly Hu. She hails from roles such as Lady Deathstrike in the second X-Men film and the Young Justice cartoon series. To round out this round of actors is Peter Mayhew, a man that you should just let win lest he tear your arm off (aka Chewbaca, if I really have to say what movie he is from I don't want to talk to you anyway).


Ok, so what would a Comic Convention be without artist for guests? So to combat that there are several comic book artists in this announcement as well. Phil Jimenez who works on Star Trek/Legion of Superheros, Wonder Woman, Adventure Comics and Infinite Crisis is joined by Paul Ryan whom works on Fantastic Four, The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man. Herb Trimpe, the man who helped create Wolverine is also joining us along with George Jenty of Buffy the Vampire comic fame. Also along for the rider are Rebekah Isaacs (Angel & Faith) and Moritat (All Star Western, The Spirit). The final two rounding out this round of guests are Allen Bellman, a Golden Age great as he helped give us Captain America, The Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner, and the "Zombie King" Arther Suydam whom gave us Batman, Conan, Tarzan, Aliens, and Marvel Zombies. They are most certainly looking to top last years Comic Con. And just in case you lied to me earlier about buying your pass (you know who you are) head to in order to get your tickets.