This Weeks Geek - End of Year

Yes, we are still alive over hear at Gameslave HQ, and we even managed to survive the holidays. So now that the chaos is mostly over I have taken a few moments to collect my thoughts about 2012. This has been a good year for gaming. We have had some great games and some fun controversies (as fun as they could be). Unfortunately we have also some of the most ridiculous things from people that just don't know better. What were some of my favorites this year? Well hold your horses and I will tell you.

Lets start with the releases of the year. We had Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Halo 4, The Walking Dead and Diablo III. And while not all of these games lived fully up to their expectations none of them were bad games. In fact most of them were great games. Sure some of them had their problems. Diablo III's last act is possibly shorter then the credits are. And Mass Effect 3 had some, issues with the ending. But overall I really enjoyed these games. And while I have not played The Walking Dead (yeah yeah I know) I have purchased it during the recent Steam Winter Sale so it is officially on the slate of games to play. And if we are talking about releases we cannot forget the first of a new generation of consoles, the Wii U. Yes the name is still freaking ridiculous, and I commend Reggie for announcing it with a straight face. Despite the name the system worked as advertised. The screen is actually being used, at least in the first round of games, to enhance the gaming experience instead of just being a gimmick.

Since I brought up Mass Effect 3 I think I need to bring up the ending controversy. Sure they added some additional content to the ending, but first impressions can be very important. And while I don't think the ending was that bad, you did not get much of an impression to what happened to the rest of the galaxy. The decision of one man decided the rest of the galaxies fate, you should get to see that aftermath.  And then poor THQ. They recently had to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. While it may stand right now that games such as South Park: The Stick of Truth are going to come out later this year, they are still in pearl.

And lastly we come to stupid shit blamed on games. The Connecticut School Shooting was a horrible trageday that took many children far before their time and will leave scars int he minds of hundreds more that cannot be healed. Instead of focusing on what might have been the actual cause of what was a very distrubed person, the NRA instead turns to video games. In fact they blame a 10 year old flash game Kindergarten Killer (Kotaku has more on this). While a number of people have disagreed with their theory, including California State Senator Leland Yee whom tried to ban mature game sales to minors, I think no one has said it better then the guys at Penny Arcade with this comic. I know there had to be more stupid things said this year, but since this one is so recent it stands out a bit more.

And that is all I have for this year end review. Stay tuned though. Next month The Gameslave crew will gather in one spot to decide on the best games of the year. See you later.