The First List - Reasons I did not Update

Welcome to the end of the year. And with the end comes a number of lists to fill space instead of doing actual writing. Yay filler! So what is the first list we are going to do for the end of the year? Well the top 10 excuses for not updating this year.

10) Family Affairs took precedent
9) No clue what to write about
8) Knew what I wanted to write about, but could not articulate it
7) Did not play what I wanted to write about
6) Felt that it was too late to write about it (working on getting over this one)
5) Forgot
4) Good old procrastination
3) Went out with friends
2) Lazy
1) Wanted to play the game / watch the show instead of write about it. 

And there we have it. First (and possible last) list that for the year. I promise to have something real soon.