This Weeks Geek - Support

Geeks are an odd bunch. We fight with each other constantly about if what we like is as good as we say it is. Sony fan boys will boast that their system is better then the Xbox is.  Xbox fanboys will call the Wii a child's toy.  And a PC gamer will call them all simple minded.  But despite all the infighting, all the forum flame wars, we are one people.  As geeks we support each other in our endeavors, even if we try to prove ourselves superior while we do it.

The inspiration behind This Weeks Geek is the amazing speed that Double Fine Adventures got funded.  Tim Schaffer and his company, Double Fine, decided they wanted to make a classic point and click adventure game.  There was one big issues with this though, Tim Scaffer wanted to make sure he can make the game his way.  He does not want to be held down by what an investor thinks should be in the game.  He did not want to have to work on their schedule to make sure they get a return on their investment.  This left him with one real option, crowd scouring the money. Tim setup a Kickstarter for the game with a goal of (I think at least) $440,000. Eight hours later he was funded.  As of now he has made $1,700,000 for his game. We also have Notch who may be funding Psychonaughts 2. Geeks support geeks.

But support within is not all we care about.  We as a people have heart.  This is seen in both Childs Play and Extra Life. Between these two charities geeks have donated millions of dollars to help kids.  Child's Play is a direct charity to Children's Hospitals world wide and in 2011 earned $3,512,340.  Extra Life on the other hand is a 24 hour gaming marathon.  You get pledges for each hour you play a game.  These pledges are then donated to the Children's Miracle Network. Both of these charities show we care about the world that we are in, and that we want these kids to have a chance to play future games.

So how do you support your fellow gamers?  All the examples I have given are monetary based, but that is not the only way. Do you read forums to provide authentic help to people in need? Do you write actual reviews to let people know which games to buy / avoid?  Sound off on how you help your fellow gamer.