Conversations with IrishPride Episode 16

If You See Cupid, Punch Him in the Face!!
What it is, what it is!  Welcome to Conversations with IrishPride episode 16.  I've realized the last few episodes I've talked a lot about video games, so today I figured I should go back to something random, since that's what this segment is all about.  I want to wish everybody a happy "Singles Awareness Day!"
That's right.  Today is not what most people call "Valentines Day", today should be known as "Singles Awareness Day."  Why you ask?  Well, being one of the few people in my circle of friends/family that is actually single, I am constantly reminded of my singleness.  Every February 14th singles everywhere are hit hard with this reminder, that yes, we're single.  Facebook is the worst.  I want to vomit in my mouth when I log on and I see all these "couples" posting love sentiments to each other.  Showing off that piece of jewelry their boyfriend/husband got for them or gushing over the dozen roses that were waiting at work for them.  Give me a break.  Valentines Day is simply a Hallmark holiday where they force all the foolish couples into buying cards, flowers, chocolate, etc to prove their love for one another.  Why does there have to be one day a year where you "have" to prove to your significant other that you care about them.  Why not send flowers to your girlfriend/wife on May 23rd just cause you can.  Why not send your boyfriend/husband an edible arrangement on August 28th?  Come on "couples", Valentines Day is a joke and you don't have to go around making your single friends feel even more, pardon the pun, 'singled' out.
A lot of you reading this may think I am bitter because I am single.  That's not the case.  When I was in a relationship, I still hated the concept of Valentines Day.  If you really love and care about your significant other, you would do special things for them throughout the year.  So, all you singles out there, this day is for us!  Go out with all your single friends, grab a few drinks and let the good times roll!  Also, it's entertaining to make fun of all the "romantic couples" so give that a try!
This is IrishPride signing off and remember, the greatest holiday of them all is a little over a month a way!