Denver Comic Con Guests (Movies and TV)

Earlier in the week I said I would be doing a full list of all the guests that have been announced to appear at Denver Comic Con this June.  Well here it is. I plan to try and update it as they announce new guests to the con, so stay tuned.

Where Have I Seen Them?

Wil Wheaton
First up is one of the great geek icons himself, Wil Weaton. One of his frist rolls (not the first) was Wesly Crusher in Start Trek: The Next Generation. We have since forgiven him for that has he has moved on to much greater things. He has become a professional writer contributing to different media such as Suicide Girls and Dragon Magazine. He continues to blog at

Nick Gillard
While you have seen Nick many times, I doubt you will recognize him. He is a stunt man that has done several, lets call them life threatening, stunts.  This includes a 200 ft power boat jump over two bridges in the movie Amsterdammed and holding his breath for 2 minutes while on fire in Aliens 3 so the oxygen in his lungs would not ignite. Nick was also responsible for creating the art of fighting used by the Jedi. He has even given a 1.5 hour training session here in Denver recently on how to fight as Jedi.

Kristin Baur
Kristin is a child of the night, or at least she plays one in HBO's True Blood as the manager of a vampire bar Fangtasia. She started her time in filming with a lucky break. She was asked to be in part of a movie that paid more in a day then she had earned with various other jobs in a month. Since then she has appeared with bit parts in shows such as L.A. Law and Sienfeld (Man Hands if your wondering). Since then she has done (at least according to this BIO I'm looking at) mostly TV series. See her this summer, but watch your neck.

Michael Uslan
So Michael has not really acted in anything, but he has done a lot for TV. He has worked on a series of shows such as The Dark Knight Returns (Parts 1 and 2), Batman Year One, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman - Batman Apocalypse, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and so on. As you can see he loves Batman. He has also taught an accredited college course and correspondence course on comic books at the Idiana University in 1971. Also (thanks to JimBob Jones) I would like to add that Michael Uslan is an Executive Producer of every single Batman film since 1989, and worked since the 70s to get the first film made, as well as producing all the extra-comics adaptations of Swamp Thing.

Jasika Nicole
On Saturday only you will find Jasika Nicole, whom you may know Fringe as Astrid Farnsworth.  She has also been on shows such as Law and Order: Criminal Intent and She's Out of My League with Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve. But Jasika is not just an actor, she is an artist as well well. You can find her site at


Where Have I Heard Them?

Mark Ryan
Mark has done voices in all three Transformers for Bumblebee (what voice work there was) and Jetfire. He has also done voice work for the Activision Transformer video game series as Ironhide and Hoist.  Mark was also the Swordmaster and Fight Directory on King Arthur, which means don't mess with him.

Billy West
Usually the idiot but lovable friend of a careless (and sometimes litteraly) heartless friends. Billy has played Stimpy in Ren & Stimpy and Fry on Futurama (he was also Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth so says IMDB).  While these are some pretty high rolls his most notable work has been Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in Space Jam.  This is one of the guys I am rather excited to see.

Tom Kane
Tom has a long history with geeky cartoon roles as well. He has been in Iron Man as H.O.M.E.R, Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as the robot Ultron. But Tom is the limited to TV, he has some a ton of video game voice over work. This includes Batman: Arkham City as Mayor Quincy Sharp and just about every Star Wars game to come out, including Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Steven Seagle
Originally from good old Colorado Steven Seagle is part of Man of Action Studios which has produced Generator Rex and BEN-10. He is best know for his acclaimed graphic Novel It's a Bird. He has also worked as a writer for Ultimate Spiderman.

Greg Wiesman
So this guy has worked on a good chunk of the cartoons that I grew up watching, so he has a special place in my life growing up, even if I did not know it.  He was responsible for Darkwing Duck, Gummi Bears, TaleSpin, Bonkers, Raw Toonage, Ducktale the Movie, Aladdin the Series and The Mighty Ducks. Then when he was done with those he added the memorable Gargoyles to his resume. Then he left Disney, worked for DreamWorks, then he become a free lance writer and wrote scripts for Men in Black, Disney's Hercules, Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The Mummy, Kim Possible, The Batman, Ben Ten, and Batman: The Brave andthe Bold. This is not all he has done, and he continues to work on new things such as Young Justice for DC on Cartoon Network.