This Weeks Geek - The First

A few months ago I got out of a long relationship. It had been pretty exclusive for about 5 years when I started to waiver. The relationship started going on and off and I started seeing others. Finally, after 7 years I broke it off and canceled my World of Warcraft subscription.  WoW was my first MMO, and as such I was a bit infatuated with it. That has now passed and I am with SWTOR, and while I am enjoying it, it is not the same as my first.

Most geeks have a first something. A first game, a first comic, a first anime, you get the point. There is always something that brings a person into something new, that starts the infatuation, and that is something that is always remembered. As geeks our firsts can sometimes see pretty meh compared to what we have now. Atari games that many of us grew up playing, while fun at the time, seem nearly impossible to decipher now (the Atari game Journey comes to mind). But these Atari games hold a special place in our hearts. Then the first Nintendo system is very fondly remembered, and is still played. Every time a new system comes out people seem to find a way to play Super Mario Brothers on it and they are still trying to find a way to perform "firsts" in it such as fastest run or lowest score.

Old school anime fans will always look back at Akira. This is a good movie and is a valid thing for any anime fan to watch. I am not that old school though, and the first thing I watched that I actually thought of as anime was Trigun. As such I always recommend it to anyone that has not seen it yet, followed by Cowboy Bebop. Comic fans will traditionally think of whatever comic that first came out when they started. For me it is the Doomsday collection where he killed Superman (I still have that comic 20+ years later).

So what was it that brought you into the geeky fold? Did you get your start video games with a NES? Was the first anime you saw something as recent as Bleach? Did you get your comic introduction with the Justice League or The Avengers? In short, what was your first introduction to geekdom?