Random Rumors

It has been some time since I last started a new section on the site. Random Rumors will have rumors that are either A) heard from the gaming industry, B) made up by who ever is writing the article because it sounds interesting, or C) a mix of the two. There is not going to be a true schedule to this section as rumors are random, but it should liven things up.

The first rumor we are going to do is the reason why BioShock Infinite was delayed to 2013. Their are two rumors on this. One is that Ken Levine wants to add more polish to the game and maybe add some multiplayer to keep the game in gamers hands and out of the used bin. The second is they are giving a bit of breathing room to a GTA release. I doubt this as the target markets for these two games are very different.

I, however, have my own theory on why the game is being delayed. Deep in the deserts of Dubai they are hurriedly completing a working version of Columbia. Irrational Games want to have the city not only airborne, but moved to the states in time for the games launch. Construction of Columbia fell behind, so Ken Levine delayed the game. Once the city is here in the states they are going to drop copies of the game all over the country from the flying city as a promotion. After they are done with that Columbia will be "parked" over the Pacific ocean off the coast of California. This is a much better reason to delay the game.