Game Over - Diablo III

Evil has been dealt a serious blow this day. Heros have ventured forth to both Hell and Heaven in their journey to destroy all seven Lords of Hell, and they succeeded. But now that the journey has been completed what were the costs of evil’s destruction? As usual this entry of Game Over will have a number if spoilers in it, so should you be brave enough you can delve forth, otherwise finish the game and then come back.

Quick recap, the falling star in the now mortal Tyrael (Arch Angel of Justice). With his and Leah's help you trap two Lords of Hell in a black soul stone. Then Leah's mom betrays you all and turns Leah into the Prime Evil, Diablo. Your allies and you head to Heaven where you defeat Diablo, again. Wow, talk about distilled plot.

Now that is out of the way, what did I think about the overall game? Well, their is a lot of fun to poke at the story. First there is Leah calling her Uncle Deckards stories just that, stories. She thought that the coming evil was just fiction. It is not like the Lords of Hell have invaded Sanctuary, twice now. It is not like the undead are real in the world. How is this all fiction to this girl, it is history. Then there is how Deckard Cain did not know the stranger was Tyrael. First of all Cain is a scholar of history and lore, one whom has meet Tyrael before. Since gamers everyone guessed how could they not figure it out. They knew he was an angel, so it would not have been a far jump. Then there is the quest line where you have to resurrect an old evil Horadric mage. During the entire process they continue to spout how he better not betray them. This sets up for the perfect moment, when he betrays you. We knew it was going to happen, but it was not necessary to shove it down our throats.

OK, I am done nitpicking the story (for now). Blizzard continues to make me want to have them make a CG movie. The cinema’s that happen between Acts are beautiful. The fight between the angels and Diablo was awesome for example. And while I feel bad for Leah, it was really neat watching an angel burn off her essence to reveal Diablo. They are truly awesome cinemas.

Now for the end game. You are off to fight the Prime Evil (Diablo) by yourself. Tyrael stays behind because the Angel of Fate said to. Your companion gets trapped by a bone cage, one that you cannot destroy despite have enough power to destroy a Lord of Hell. Guess you are the only one you can really depend on. After a long battle you do finally destroy Diablo (he must be pissed at getting his ass kicked by a mortal 3 times now). But you never see Leah’s mom. As such a devout follwer of Diablo what happened to her? I don’t think this is the last we have seen of the Prime Evil, which is good thing. They need to be able to sell and expansion with more then just more classes.