Denver Comic Con - It Has Come (Almost)

It has come. Tomorrow the first ever Denver Comic Con starts. At 6:00 PM MT the geeks will descend upon the Colorado Convention center to see stars, play games, and spend money that was meant for bills and rent. So what is there really all to see? Well no promises on filling it all here, but I will try.

1) Gaming (of course this is first, this is a video game blog afterall).

Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) will have tournaments on site. There will also be card games such as Magic and Pokemon. And for you HeroClix fans check out page 14 of the program to see the schedule for game times.

2) Guests

For their first year Denver Comic Con has done a great job at getting top notch guests. They have Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter - Eureka), James Marsters (Spike - Buffy), Billy West (Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg - Futurama), and Aaron Douglas (Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol - Battlestar Galactica). This is only a VERY small list and does not include the super impressive list of comic book artists and voice actors.

3) Events

Costume contests, Manga Panels and signings, there are enough panels to keep you busy all weekend, and so many they actually spilled into the nearby hotel. Friend of site Angichan has two panels, one Saturday and one Sunday about Getting Started in Webcomics. 

Now this, as I said, is by no means everything that is happening at the convention. There is so much to see. For more you can get the program guide at, or to save them some bandwidth you can get it here as well.

Denver Comic Con 2012 Program