Conversations with IrishPride Episode 20

Seriously!?!  Enough with the bashing!

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Conversations with IrishPride.  It's been awhile since our last episode of CwIP, so I'm hoping this one will make up for the break.  Today I'm going to talk about Nintendo and how almost every other video game site are absolutely bashing them and saying how they lost E3.  Well, I'm here to actually defend Nintendo and explain to all the other "giant" video game sites that you are absolutely wrong. 
Let me begin by stating, that while I like Nintendo and Nintendo products, I'm not a fanboy of theirs by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, if I had to rank Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, I would probably rank Nintendo third on my list.  But this constant Nintendo bashing is absolutely unwarranted.  To begin, if it wasn't for Nintendo, all these other video game developers would not be in business.  Let's face it, Nintendo single handily ushered us into the video game era that we currently enjoy.  When the Wii came out with the motion controls, who followed suit?  Both Microsoft with Kinect and Sony with the Move.  Now, I'm not going to base my argument for Nintendo on their past accomplishments, but what they are doing now and for the future.
Of the major video game sites on the web right now, excluding us heh, are all pretty much in agreement that Nintendo lost E3 because of their Wii U.  I feel this is dead wrong.  Nintendo did not lost E3, they actually won E3 becauseof the Wii U.  I will be the first to admit, when the Wii U was first announced at E3 2011, I was extremely skeptical.  I was scratching my head walking out of Nintendo's press conference wondering what the hell just happened?  The whole Wii U and the emphasis on the Wii U gamepad looked like an absolute gimmick.  I thought this wasn't changing anything in video game industry.  Oh great, we now have a tablet controller, who cares?!?  But, at E3 this year, Nintendo wanted to make an effort to showcase what they have planned for the Wii U and the Wii U gamepad.
What impressed me most about Nintendo this year at E3 was their emphasis on what we as gamersThis game looks amazing, can't wait! like, the video games.  Nintendo's press conference was loaded with showcasing an array of video games coming out for the Wii U.  Each demonstration actually had video game footage and they successfully showcased how the Wii U gamepad would be used to heighten video gameplay experience.  No longer did the Wii U gamepad look like a cheap gimmick.  It was totally awesome to see the Wii U gamepad used as backpack in Zombi U.  It was neat to see that five players playing at the same time, with four players using the Wii Motes and looking at the television screen, while the other player played on the screen of the Wii U gamepad.  Pretty much everything that Nintendo showcased with their Wii U made me extremely excited to get one and have some video game parties with friends. 
Sure, a lot of people were upset that Nintendo didn't show any new footage of The Legend of Zelda, but Nintendo did showcase that they will have a lot more third party titles coming out for the Wii U.  Nintendo was also careful to emphasise that their new system will also be for hardcore players, something the Wii severely lacked.  Nintendo even backed up this claim with some of the titles they showcased, i.e. Zombi U and Batman. 
All of you in the video game industry bashing Nintendo to a pulp, shame on you.  If anything, Nintendo did a fantastic job at E3 showcasing what gamers like, the f*cking video games!?!  Can Microsoft say that?  "We have Halo 4 and umm...did we mention we have Halo 4 coming out?"
This is IrishPride signing out.  Until next time, good job Nintendo, you have a fan of what you did at E3 here at The Gameslave.