Conversations with IrishPride Episode 21

Embrace the Suckyness!!
Whoa!?!  Another CwIP episode less than a week of the previous one?  You bet your ass!  Welcome everybody to Episode 21 of Conversations with IrishPride where I am going to talk about how I fail at multiplayer.
Okay, don't get me wrong, I'm not horrible at all multiplayer games, apparently just shooters.  Many of you out there reading this may think I just suck at first person shooters or dislike the genre.  That's not the case.  I like a good FPS now and then.  I love sniping and pulling off the perfect head shot.  And when I do play a FPS, I'm the weird one that plays it for the single player experience.  But now, with the majority of FPS games focusing more on the multiplayer aspect, I decided I should shelve the 5 hour single player campaigns most shooters are and try my hand at multiplayer. 
I've had Battlefield 3 for awhile now and have not played it.  I decided a couple of days ago to give it a go after seeing the new content coming out for BF3 at E3 earlier this month.  I played a little bit of the single player campaign, just so I can get a good understanding on how the game plays.  The campaign was lackluster to say the least, just proving my point that developers are focusing on the multiplayer aspect of these types of games.  I jumped into a random multiplayer match knowing that I probably would get my ass handed to on a silver plate...I was not disappointed.
I selected my class, recon, grabbed the only sniper that I had unlocked and was ready to rock and roll.  Upon entering the match, I looked for the highest location where I could prop myself and snipe to my hearts content.  Running towards the building I was killed in a matter of seconds.  I thought, no big deal, I really wasn't using cover and figured I could just run there no problems.  I realized that this wasn't the case, so when I repsawned, I used cover and carefully made my way towards the building.  Apparently, the slow and methodical approach is a fail approach as well.  I was instantly killed because I was moving so slowly.  My enemies probably thought I was a RPG gamer lost in a FPS. 
Okay, okay, just been killed twice, haven't even got a shot off, no biggie.  I was determined to make it to that building to get my snipe on.  To make a long story short and after many more deaths, I finally got to the roof and had prime real estate of the entire map.  I was ready to get some shooting done.  I found my first target, lined my sights and bang!  Miss.  Reload, bang!  Another miss.  Damn these human players actually moving and not standing still so I can shoot them!  Bang!  I'm dead.  WTF!?!  Another sniper killed me across the way.  /failsauce.  After all my work and dedication to get to a prime location to snipe, I didn't even get to kill anybody!  Enough of this, I'm going to get an Assault loadout and just go balls to the wall.
Yeah, that didn't work out in my favor either.  I probably looked like a chicken with its head cut off running around the battlefield!  Every time I would actually see an enemy and get a few shots off, he saw me first and I was dead.  This happened multiple times.  Of course, being the competitive person I am, I was getting pissed off.  I tried to calm myself down and realize that these players have been playing competitive multiplayers for hours upon hours.  They had everything unlocked and I was still using the beginning equipment.  Still, it was hard to enjoy myself because it simply seemed that I couldn't kill anybody.  If I did get a jump on someone, I felt that I unloaded a clip into them, just to see them turn around and kill me in three shots.
At this point, I could have easily /ragequit, but I wasn't going to let this happen.  I came to the realization that I just suck at FPS multiplayer...and I'm okay with that, I mean, I can't be perfect at everything right?  Haha, I kid, I kid.  I approached the game under this new mentality that I will be "that" player with 5 kills and 19 deaths.  I'm okay with that.  I'm not the player that gets to play hours upon hours of matches.  I can only play a match here and there.  I'm not supposed to be great for how little I actually get to play.  Besides, I'm sure the enemy team loves to play against me.  I mean, someone has to get killed a lot so the other person can get a high kill count, might as well be me.  As I cussed and sweared my way through my first maps, I'm happy to have the epiphany that I'm simply not a great player when it comes to competitive FPS multiplayer.  While it's not as fun getting killed four times for my every one kill, I've learned to embrace my suckyness and simply enjoy the game, as a good player or bad. 
This is IrishPride signing off.  Until next time, if you want to get your personal best score in BF3, look for me online!