Conversations with IrishPride Episode 22

Let the Battles Commence! 
Has Hell frozen over?  Quite possibly with another new installment of CwIP less than two days of the last.  Welcome everybody to Episode 22 of Conversations with IrishPride.  At this rate, I'll be hitting episode 100 in no time!  I wouldn't hold my breath though.  Today I'm going to ramble about a game my Dad and I have created awhile ago and it's just too stupid not to share with all of you.
The premise of this game is easy and the name of the game is completely unoriginal.  Soon, to be sweeping the nation, I present to you...Flashlight Wars!!!  I know, I know, very original.  Allow me to explain the concept of Flashlight Wars.  Are you tired of playing games that needs an array of button combinations to pull a maneuver off?  Are you tired of getting killed in a matter of seconds in Battlefield 3 by someone you cannot even see?  Well, do I have a new game for you.
To compete in Flashlight Wars all one needs guessed it, a flashlight!  There are no rules on which flashlights you can use.  You can use the cheap plastic flashlights, industrial flashlights or even the flashlight app on your phone!  Obviously, the brighter the flashlight, the better chances of success for victory.  Okay, so now you and your opponent has a flashlight, now what?  You shine each other in the eyes unmercifully until one surrenders or until one sees too many floaters and cannot properly shine his/her flashlight into the eyes of their competitor.  You are allowed to use your off hand to try and guard your eyes from the light, so you can keep the pressure on your opponent.  While guarding, you'll want to move your hand with the flashlight around your opponents hand for prime light to eyeball contact.  Also it is important to note, you have to be a minimum of five feet away from your competitor, no point blank shots here. 
To initiate a flashlight war, you simply grab your flashlight of choice, or closest one to you, and immediately shine your light at your prospective opponent and yell out "Flashlight Wars!"  Your opponent then will have time to respond in two fashions:  Either he/she will grab a flashlight and start shining it at you.  If this is the case, the battle has officially commenced!  If your opponent does not have a flashlight to battle against you, it is important for you to put down your flashlight so either they can locate one to battle or if one is not readily available, there is no battle to be had.  Still, it's important to get the jump on a potential opponent because they will have a slight disadvantage when getting their flashlight because of the quick blindness you created.  After a heated battle and someone surrenders, you are required to stop shining your flashlight in their eyes.  If you continue to shine after your opponent surrenders, you essentially forfeit your victory and your opponent will be victorious.
Well, there you have it!  Another supid and idiotic article by yours truly.  Is it just me, or could my Dad and I be onto an Olympic sport soon?  This is IrishPride signing off.  Until next time....."Flashlight Wars!"  *Bright Light*