Conversations with IrishPride Episode 23

Curse the Steam Summer Sale!
After cranking out two CwIP's in less than a week, I seem to have taken a brief hiatus, but now return with episode 23 of Conversations with IrishPride!  Today I'm going to talk about Steam and more specifically the Summer Sale that Steam is currently running.
Steam is awesome.  Let me say that from the beginning.  I have a ton of games on Steam, ZeldaQueen can vouch for me, and the great thing about all these games that I have, I probably only paid full price for a handful of them.  When buying games on Steam, it is wise to wait for it to go on sale, because they always seem to go on sale.  Of course, there are going to be games that you simply cannot wait to get, but for the ones that you can wait on purchasing, Steam sales are the way to go.
Well, we are officially in the dog days of summer and Steam is currently holding their huge Steam Summer Sale.  Huge might be an understatement, I mean, this year Steam has really outdone themselves.  Everyday, you will find nine titles on sale for their Daily Deals.  If nine titles is not enough for you, they also have a new feature called Flash Sales where four different titles are on sale for about 6-10 hours each and are staggered so they change every few hours.  And finally, there is the Community's Choice sale.  Throughout the day, Steam has it's community vote for one of three different titles that you want to see put on sale.  The title with the majority of votes will then be put on sale for eight hours and after that eight hour period, a new title will be put on sale. 
Now, all of this sounds bloody awesome and it is in fact awesome.  But you may be asking yourself, if it's so awesome, why is my title of this article cursing it?  Well, it's because I can see myself spending way too much money on games that I probably don't really need, but with such a good deal on some of them, they are almost too good to pass up.
This is IrishPride signing off.  Be sure to go check out Steam now through July 22nd to check out what titles are on sale and hopefully you too can find some bargains.  And Steam, I think I have a love/hate relationship with your Summer Sale.  I love that you have all these awesome games on sale, but I also hate that I can see myself spending too much money on said games.  Oh well, that's the life of a gamer.