Game Over - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The life of an Assassin is not an easy life. Templars hound you at every turn. Death is the primary thing you know. But  Ezio Auditore da Firenze has thrived as an Assassin. He has avenged his family and worked towards saving the world from the Templars. He has even aquired the Apple of Eden from beings far more advanced then us. But where does one go now? Well things start badly as he is attacked by the Templars at his home, his uncle killed, and the apple lost. Now it is up to Ezio to get the apple back. How does this adventure end for Ezio, and his current era counter part Desmond? Read on to find out, and my opinions of how they are taking the story. As always I will preface this with a massive SPOILER ALERT.

I am going to run through the begging part of the story to get to the good stuff. Ezio goes to Rome to find the apple. There he finds the city over run with Templars. With the help of fellow Assassin's, thieves, mercenaries, and courtesans he starts to turn the city around. He begins to build a a brotherhood of Assassin's from the people of Rome.  As you explore Rome you destroy Borgia towers to control more and more of the city. Eventually you will control the whole city and Rome and make it into a thriving metropolis again. But that is not what you really care about is it? But it all has a goal. By ridding the town of the Borgia / Templars, destroying weapons of mass destruction, and killing key people you rise to the head of the Assassin's and become their leader.  This is where it gets interesting.

Once you reach this point you are almost near the end of the game. You head to kill Cesare Borgia and get back the apple, one of these you succeed in. You reach Cesare just in time to see him kill the Pope. Lucrezia Borgia tells you where he is headed. After a race besieged by guards you manage to get the apple. Holding the apple prevents you from using any weapons or tools, but gives you the ability to turn guards allegiance. It takes health to do this, but it does recharge after a few moments. You then escape with the apple and use it's power to destroy what is left of Cesare's army. The story moves on as you leave Rome chasing Cesare until a showdown where you fight him to the death. The, fearing that its power is too great for any mortal man, Ezio places the apple in an ancient vault beneath the Coliseum.

Enter Desmonds primary part in the game. Using Ezio's memories he manages to get to the vault and to the apple. The entire trip is filled with the chick from that ancient race giving him a short history of what happened, what may go wrong, and how he is the only that can prevent it. Finally they reach the apple, Desmond takes hold, and things go to shit. The creators of the apple have a plan for Desmond, one that apparently does not include Lucy, as they force him to use the hidden blade on his arm to stab her in the stomach, killing her. At this point I had only one reactions, WHAT THE F#&K! Then fade to black and no further explination. They left it on one hell of a cliff hanger. If you listen to the credits you hear them say that they are placing him back in the Animus to try and find out what the hell happened him.

Yeah, they killed Lucy. One of the primary characters for two games and she is killed by the man she risked everything to save. I can't say that I approved of this turn of events. Too easy now writers seem to kill characters they have vested so much time into. OK, so she was out of the Animus so they did not invest a bunch of time into her, but still.  I am curious of where they plan to go now. The Assassin's have the apple, but the only one that can use it, Desmond, is pretty much in a coma. The rest of the team is heading to some place of which we can only guess. Off to Assassin's Creed Revelations to try and get some questions answered.