Bucky Balls Banned?

As you may have heard the Consumer Product Safety Console has declared that Bucky Balls are unsafe. There reasoning is that the toy is dangerous and unsafe for kids. Young children can swallow the magnets which then can require surgery to remove. While they are not fully banned as of yet, the CPSC is suing Maxfield and Oberton (the makers and distributer of Bucky Balls) to stop sale of the product and issue a recall. They claim that the number of warning labels on the magnet toys stating they are not for children is not enough. Maxfield and Oberton are currently getting around issue by selling the toys on their own site http://www.getbuckyballs.com/ (and I saw them at my local "It's your move" this weekend).

The main issue here is, why can the government control what we can and cannot buy. It is an issue of this being a nanny state. I guess the way I look at it, adults are buying these toys for themselves, and it should be their responsibility to keep them away from children just like any other item that is not safe for children. If you agree that Bucky Balls (and other related toys) should by purchasable by adults for adults then speak up.