Game Over - Darksiders

Darksiders 2 releases on August 14, 2012. Now I am going to bet that more than just a few of you have not played the original Darksiders yet. While I think you are all horrible people for having skipped this game, I am not without mercy. I will be benevolent enough to give you a quick recap of what happened in the original Darksiders so you can be caught up when you purchase Darksiders 2 (you are purchasing it by the way). SPOILER ALERT!

In Darksiders you play as the Horseman of the Apocalypse, War. The game starts with you being summoned to Earth for the end of times. But something is wrong. Your brothers Death, Strife and Fury (at least in this game that are their names) are nowhere to be seen. As things move forward War finds that he has been framed by for starting the Apocalypse before man was ready, and is responsible for their doom. A hundred years have passed and War has been brought forth to the Charred Council in order to stand for his crimes. Knowing he is innocent War strikes a deal with the Council. Allow him to return to Earth and find out who framed him. Not willing to send him alone they bind a creature known as The Watcher (voiced perfectly by Mark Hamill) to him in order to keep in under control. Together they return to the ruined world.

Arriving the only thing you find even close to humans are zombie like creature that just attack you mercessially. You work your way through foe and obstacles. You meet friends (or at least as close as friends get) that assist you in proving yourself innocent, usually because they played a part in what caused the end of times. You find the Destroyer (real original name huh?) had lead Hell to victory over Angels and Man. As you explore you find that the seventh seal, the one that would summon all the horsemen was never broken. Two angels, Azrael and Abaddon conspired to fake the destruction of the last seal to start the war before hell was ready. This did not work out too well though as you can surmise. War also discovers, and keeps secret from The Watcher, that the Council summoned him to Earth, and are using him as a scapegoat for the Apocalypse. With this information he finds the seventh seal and learns how to destroy the Destroyer, who is actually Abaddon. War takes this knowledge to Heaven where the Destroyer is in the middle of taking out the last angels fit to fight. Insert boss fight here.

Now all is good, you have proved you innocence, the Destroyer is dead and are free. Yeah right, like it would be that easy. The Watcher is pleased that the enemies of the Charred Council are dead, but that means War is no longer needed. The creature uses his powers to prevent War from moving and prepares to kill him. During this an the angel Uriel that War has to let kill him comes up and stabs War through the chest with his own sword killing him, and then destroying the seventh seal. That part is very important. This brings War back to life, with all his powers that were missing before. This frees him from The Watcher, whom he quickly kills. The missing Horseman of the Apocalypse can be seen coming to Earth in the distance now that they have been properly summoned. Game Over.

Now this is a VERY quick and dirty on what happens in the game. But it is easy enough to go find right now. You can get it via OnLive, Steam, or Gamestop direct downloads. So if you want a more fleshed out story, get the game for about $20.00. It will be worth it.