Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Celebration

That's right; starting today Square Enix is celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy. In its 25 years Final Fantasy has been launched over 40 titles on dozens of systems and has become a household name in the gamer community. All gamers, even if they have not played a Final Fantasy game, they know about them and the iconic music that is played when you are victorious in a battle. To start the celebration Square Enix has launched the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary site as a main site to announce the events that will be happening through the rest of the year.

A few of these activities include an event happening at PAX Prime with the first "Experience Final Fantasy". This event will be happening Friday, August 31 from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the ACT Theatre in Seattle (700 Union Street).  This is open to the general public where there will be several games setup for play. There will also be prizes such as fan favorite plushies, special 25th Anniversary poster and Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles that are themed after Final Fantasy XIII-2.  Hopefully this will be one of many events they have, which will hopefully be announced on the above website. Want more on the celebration? I think you know what to do!