OnLive's Changes

As many of you may know, I am a fan of the OnLive service. I have a number of games with them and have had an account since they launched two years ago. So you can bet that I was not too happy to hear about their difficulties as of late. On Friday their entire staff was laid off. As of that moment the future of OnLive was a mystery to all. Then Lauder Partners purchased the company and rehired half the staff. The others are going to be given options to work as consultants for the new OnLive company.  The former CEO and founder, Steve Perlman, is getting nothing from the sale of his company. He is taking full responsibility for being unable to keep his company afloat. In fact all the executives have not received any compensation for the sale and, in fact, all are taking pay cuts to rehire as much of the former staff as possible.  This is something that I can, and do, respect. They are taking the blame for bad decisions and trying to allow their employees to survive. They are not blaming bad economies or anything like that.

So that is the internal stuff, but what about us? Well, there is good news for those that have purchased games through OnLive. The new OnLive has confirmed that user purchases will still be available. As of now we don't have to worry about losing our games. OnLive will continue to be on the Ouya system. So here is hoping that things work out for them under the new company.