Game Over - Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Desmond has seen all that Ezio has to show him. He has seen Ezio join the Assasin's Guild as a result of his father's death in Florence. He has seen Ezio climb to the leader of the Assasins in Rome and reclaim the Apple of Eden. Desmond has experienced so much in such a short amount of time that he mind has literally fractured, and the only way to repair it is to see more of Ezio's life, this time it is about his adventure to discover what is inside Altair's library. Read on for the abridged version of the last story that Ezio Auditore da Firenze has for Desmond. WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND.

The story starts on Animus Island. A place inside the Animus that is outside of memories. Here Desmond meets with Subject 16. He explains that Desmond's mind has become fractured. The memories of Altair, Ezio and Desmond have become intertwined, and the only way to fix it is to see the rest of what Ezio has to show Desmond. The memory starts with Ezio reaching Masyaf (the original Assassin's HQ) to find Altair's Library and gets attacked by an army of Templars. He did pretty well for an old man, but still gets taken prisoner, temporally. Ezio escapes from their capture and finds the library requires five keys (one of which the Templars already have) that are detailed in a journal that he steals from a Templar captain.  This journal leads him to Costantinople (now Istanbul).

Within the city of Contantinople Ezio recruits the help of a the local assassin's guild and a local book shop owner, Sofia Sartor. Not wanting to get her mixed up in a war that is not hers, Ezio has her decode the map in exchange for letting her read the books he found, but not telling her about the keys or the Templars. In the process of finding the keys Ezio gets involved with local politics trying to locate the Templar's headquarters, which appears to involve betrayal of the Sultan's guards.

While searching for the keys Ezio falls in love with Sofia  This makes leaving after recovers the fourth key and finds the location of the Templars difficult, but he does it out of duty. Once Ezio arrives at the Templar hideout he blows up a large cache of gun powder creating chaos in their underground city, thus allowing Ezio to capture back the fifth key. With vicotry in hand we are given the twist, the betrayal was not with the Sultan's guards, but with his son, Ahmet. Ahmet has given Ezio a choice, meet and give him the 5 keys or let Sofia die. Of course, being the villian, he lies and tries to hang Sofia after he gets the keys. Of course Ezio rescues her (with more then 1/2 health if you want full sync) and they both chase down Ahmet and take back the keys. Ahmet's brother, now the Sultan, then kills him for his treason against the crown.

This brings us to the end of the game where Sofia (now fully aware of the danger she is in) and Ezio return to Masyaf and enter Altair's library, which is filled with empty book shelves, a chair, and a skeleton. Ezio has discovered the final resting place of Altair and one final key. The key shows that this was not a library, but a vault. Turns out that the Apple Altair found is different from the Apple found by Ezio, and it has been kept here all this time. But instead of taking it Altair takes this opportunity to speak directly with one whom he does not know, but knows him very well, Desmond. With Ezio's explanations, and some from the ones that came before Desmond learns what he must do. He is lead to, what I assume is, the Grand Temple, and given the ability to enter it.  This is where the game ends.

I don't know about you, but I did not guess there would be a second apple. I figured that they had been tracking the same artifact the entire time. They also show that, despite all their efforts, despite all their technology, the ones that came before could not save the planet the first time. The catastrophe that was too much. Their failure doomed their entire race, along with the majority of the humans on the planet at the time. Now it is up to Desmond to save the world, or try. It is hard to truly sum up a game that ends on a cliff hanger really. We see where he is and what he needs to do, but there is no closure yet. So I am going to just stop here until until after Assassin's Creed 3 comes out and we see how the story moves on, or if we are lucky, wraps up.