Wii U Launch Information

And the battle for the Wii U can officially begin on November 18, 2012. You have two differently priced options for this system, they are as follows:

  • Wii U Basic Bundle - $299.99
    • White System
    • 8 GB of Internal Storage
    • 1 White GamePad
    • AC Adapters for both the Wii U and GamePad
    • Sensor Bar
  • Wii U Deluxe Bundle - $349.99
    • Black System
    • 32 GB of Internal Storage
    • 1 Black GamePad
    • AC Adapters for both the Wii U and GamePad
    • Console Stand
    • GamePad Charging Cradle
    • Nintendo Land Game
    • Deluxe Digital Promotion
      • Grants points for digital downloads when can be used for future DLC (planned through 2014).

There you have it, two different systems with two different price points. I honestly don’t see the reason someone will get the Basic bundle over the Deluxe one, but that just means that I am not the target audience of it. They also announced that there will be around 50 games in the launch windows (11/18/2012 - 03/31/2013) for the system to try and make it worthwhile for those early adopters.  Games are going to run around $59.99 each for the Wii U at launch as well. More to come later on which games are planned to come out in this window, but it looks pretty strong, or at least interesting.

That leaves me with two questions.
1) Can Nintendo repeat the success they had with the Wii?
2) Who out there is going to try for a day one (or two) purchase?