This Week's Geek - Adult Gaming Myths

As kids we always talk about how things will be different when we grow up. We will be able to game when we want and for how long we want. Well this is not necessarily true. The focus of "This Week's Geek"will be about those myths we tell ourselves that are not true.

Myth 1: When I grow up, I will buy all the games I want.

Truth: Sure when you become an adult you can spend your money how you wish. There is no one to tell you otherwise. Too bad as an adult you also lose a good chunk of your disposable income. Before you get your games you need to pay the rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. Once all that is done, then you can buy your games. Typically you are still left wanting, especially during the holiday season.

Myth 2: I can play games as much as I want.

Truth: This one is kinda true, as long as you don't mind living in a dump. Chores and work will take a big chunk of time away. Then on those rare three-day weekends you will inevitably have a party, wedding, shower, or a BBQ to go to. And this is only if you are a one-interest geek. If you have multiple interests good luck finding time to devote to each hobby.

Myth 3: Working in the game industry will allow me to play lots of games.

Truth: Anyone actually working in this industry will tell you that is false. Heck, all I do is run a small blog, but I lose game time to improving the site, adding products, and writing entries. An actual magazine only has time to play games when they review them. Publishers spend more time programming than playing.

So there are three adult gaming myths. Things that as kids and teens we believe, but find are very false when be become adults.  Do you have any other myths that you told yourself as kids that you find are false now?