Random Rumors - Wii U Leak

The rumors have started to hit full force for the holiday gaming season. To start things off we, have a possible release date on the Nintendo Wii U along with price point before the 09/13 press event. The rumor goes that the system will launch Sunday, November 11, 2012. This would be about right for Nintendo. A weekend sale just before the full Christmas season starts.

Next in the leak was three different SKUs for the Wii U. One at $250, $300, and $350. These numbers are based on a leaked shot from YouTube user H0undd0gg. This seems to be the sketchiest part of the rumor to me, but lets work with what we have.  If you want to inspect the video it can be found here (The video has been removed).

All three systems are pretty similar in name, but lets guess what the differences could be.  I see the $250 model being the base with a system and one Wii Pad. The $300 will add a Wiimote and nunchuck (wow I have not typed that in a long time) and more onboard storage. The $350 will add a second Wii Pad. Looking forward to confirming or breaking this rumor next week.