NDK - It Approaches

Nan Desu Kan's (NDK) sweet 16 is approaching fast. The event starts on September 14th and runs until the 16th. They have a full list of guests (after saying it was finalized several times). They also have the schedule up so you can plan what you are going to hit and when. Finally something new they are doing is a mobile version of the con information. This includes hours, policies, guests, a map, the schedule, and more. Blackberry and Win Mobile users can access it at mobile site while iOS and Android users can download the Guidebook app to have everything in a much smaller (read not a legal size piece of paper) in their pockets.

This brings us to the yearly reminder for all those that are visiting the convention. Since you have not yet seen fit to shed your meat bag bodies for a superior robot one you will have to remember to do three primary tasks. These are eat, drink, and sleep. And when I say this you must eat more then pocky and ramen. You need to drink more then ramune and alcohol, especially if you are not native to high altitudes. That means you need to drink more water and don't become a cheap date since you won't be able to handle your booze near as well as you used to. Finally you need to sleep in a real room, not a viewing room while no one is watching. This will ensure you a great experience at the con instead of a mediocre experience with the EMTs. Lastly help everyone else have a great con and remember to bathe regularly. We don't need to help the smelly geek stereotype thank you very much.

That leaves me with one things left to say.