Denver Comic Con - More Guests

You think Denver Comic Con would be happy with having guests such as Stan Lee and Wil Wheaton. I mean they are in no B list celebrities. But the folks putting on the Denver Comic Con know we want more then that. They are working hard to give us the best con they can. As such Denver Comic Con announced two new guests today. The first is George Perez. He has written for both DC and Marvel creating wonderful properties such as Teen Titans, Wonder Women, Justice League of America and Crisis on Infinite Earths. He is also a board member of the super team, The Hero Initiative. Now while they may not be a team that monitors the planet to save it from nefarious plots, they are doing important work. They provide financial aid to comic creators that need emergency medical aid, help paying for life essentials, and help them get back into paying work.  Talk about super heroes for the comic community.

The second guest they announced, captain of the USS Excelsior himself, George Takei. For those of you that don't know (and shame on you) he started his career in the original Star Trek as the helmsmen of the USS Enterprise. He has been in a number of sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows since then, but more recently he has done a new musical called Allegiance. Allegiance is an "epic story of love, family and heroism during the Japanese American internment". Something that hits home for Mr. Takei. He has also written a book that details his experiences and rise in social media. The book is called "Oh Myyy" and can be purchased for Kindle, Nook, and iDevice. Look forward to seeing them both starting May 31.