Rumor: Xbox 720 specs, news and more

 Ever since last year’s E3 people have been talking about when the next Xbox console will be released. Maybe people have questioned that the Xbox 360 is reaching its age being released in the United States & Canada 7 years ago. I personally think it’s time for something new don't you? We have heard many exciting new things about the upcoming console the "Xbox 720". Some things good and some things that could be improved on.

The CPU is said to have an 8 Core CPU made by AMD. Many have loved this and some have not. Don’t get me wrong, an 8 core CPU is amazing but people were concerned of the model of the AMD graphics card that was going to be used. Many said it was going to be based on the AMD Radeon HD 6700M series. That graphics card is not the newest piece of hardware out right now and compared to the rumored PlayStation 4 CPU it’s below par, but then again it's a rumor. The good news for Xbox fans is the Xbox 360 only had 3 cores, so you can only imagine how much smoother and faster games can run on it.

The new Xobx is rumored to have a Blu-Ray player. To Sony this is nothing new. The PlayStation 3 had this when it came out, but it’s very nice that Microsoft is going to include a Blu-Ray drive in the new system. Also to be rumored is that used games will not be played on the new Xbox 720. The way it was said it was going to work is that whenever you buy a new game and insert it into your console it will be registered somehow to that console and that console alone. Meaning you couldn't just bring your game to your friend’s house, insert it in and just start playing it because it would reject it the disc because it is registered on your console and your console alone. So what does this mean you might ask? This meaning game companies would earn a lot more money for their titles because the games are being purchased new and not used . This would suck for the consumer because they will not be able to rent games they are not sure about or buy used and decided they don't like it after all.

Now the Xbox 720 is supposed to be announced at this year’s E3, and many are excited to see what it has to offer with the rumored Kinect 2 coming out with the Xbox 720. It's going to be a very interesting E3 this year for Microsoft. Rumor has it that it would release this Christmas holiday, which seems so far away considering we just had Christmas about 3 1/2 weeks ago, I cannot wait to see what the new console generations with Xbox & PlayStation has to offer.