Atari Files Chapter 11

Childhood is a thing that, if left unattended, will disapear in the blink of an eye. Then you will spend the rest of your life trying to relive what few parts you remember. And this is not becoming a little more difficult. Atari has recently filed Chapter 11 to distance itself from its French based parent company Atari SA. “Within the next 90 to 120 days, the companies expect to effectuate a sale of all, or substantially all, of their assets,” in a free and clear sale under the U.S. bankruptcy laws, or confirm reorganization plans that “accomplish substantially the same result,” according to the statement.

So after 40 years of making quality and semi-quality games they may be going under. Unless someone buys the majority of the company, which I don't really see happening, there is a good chance Atari will be gone by summer. So take this chance to remember Atari for all the good they did starting the game industry, and poor one out for them.