League of Legends: Season 3


 Riot Games is in their third season of competitive gaming! The combination of "free-to-play" and low hardware requirements has made League of Legends (LoL) a recent popular hit. With Season 2 ending with a 2 million dollar pooled prize, gamers across the world are trying to increase their skill (and more so, bragging rights) to compete professionally on the game.

The developers made it simple for gamers to be able to purchase "character advantages" but being "good" at the game requires more teamwork and strategy than most games. Each round is basically a fresh start for all players in the game. Team performance is based on planning on character selection and taking advantage of opportunities that arise in each scrimmage.

League of Legends is only one example of how gaming is progressing. Game titles can easily be brought to popularity when a large company funds and promotes any idea that can bring in revenue. Riot Games started with two gamers who wanted to make competitive gaming available to all. It looks like their doing pretty good...

Season 3 updates: