The Professional Gamer - October 18, 2013

Hello Readers!  I didn't manage to read anything this week, but I did manage to spend a fair amount of time watching anime.  Read on to find out how my week went.


ZeldaQueen started watching a new shoujo anime called Kamisama Kiss.  About halfway through the first episode, I started watching.  Now, it is the end of the week and we ended up watching the whole series together.  How did I get to this strange place?  In all seriousness though, the series was good, if not something that strongly appealed to my sensibilities.  The story is centered on complete unremarkable Nanami.  At the beginning of the story, she is rather down on her luck.  Her father had some gambling debts and skipped town, then the family house was repossessed.  Nanami then meets a man who has been chased up a tree by a scary dog.  As a thank you for chasing the dog away, the man gives his house (actually a shrine) to Nanami.  The man, it turns out, was Mikage, the local land god.  And along with the shrine, he also gave her his position and divine powers.  As the anime progresses, she learns more about the supernatural world and her role in it, and also falls in love with Mikage's familiar, the fox spirit Tomoe.  For those who are a into shoujo, this is a good recent anime to watch.


Pocket Trains has consumed me.  I want nothing more than to spread my network of railroad tracks throughout the world.


As I stated in the introduction, I have not had spare time for reading this week.  I will endeavour to find some reading material this week, so that I have something more to post about.

That's all for this week.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.