The Professional Gamer - October 25, 2013

Hello Readers!  This week I have 2 words (plus a freestanding letter) for you that completely describe what I did: painting and Wii U.  Read on if you are still curious and would like to learn more.


IrishPride recently moved into a new apartment a few blocks from our house.  In between helping him settle in and move furniture around so that his countertop could be repaired, we watched some of the most recent season of Futurama.  ZeldaQueen and I had watched it earlier when the episodes were first released, but IrishPride had not had an opportunity earlier.  Good news everyone!  The episodes stand up to repeat viewing.  Watch (or re-watch) the latest season when you get a chance.


ZeldaQueen and I bought a Wii U.  In fact, we bought the Windwaker special edition.  The styling on the Wii Pad is pretty cool, and the HD edition of Windwaker looks amazing.  The game is still cel-shaded, but the revamp has added depth to characters and objects in the game.  Playing with the Wii Pad works pretty well, with the subscreen constantly accessible on the touchscreen.  We are also really loving the Wii U Netflix and Hulu interfaces.   


This week I picked up a copy of C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity to read.  I've known for some time that Lewis was a Christian and put much of his religious thoughts into the Narnia books, but I wanted to explore in some more detail what his thoughts are.  Thus far, I've only read the intro, but I'll report back later once I have read more.

That's all for this week.  Much of my other free time was spent painting my house.  With the cold weather rolling in, I'll be calling it quits and that project until summer, and will hopefully have more time to devote to geeking out.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.