The Professional Gamer - November 1, 2013

Hello everyone!  I think I spent more time this week socializing rather than geeking out about things.  Have a read anyways and find out what I've been doing.


At some point, I skipped watching The Daily Show and Colbert Report for a few days, and I have never managed to catch up.  These are almost the only shows that I watched this week, and I am still behind.  I did watch Meet the Robinsons earlier, which is a really great movie.  Especially in terms of its message: we all make mistakes, but we have to learn from then and keep moving forward.  Another thing I enjoyed, is that this is a Disney movie that didn't feel the need to pack musical numbers into the movie.


ZeldaQueen and I have been taking turns playing Wind Waker.  So far, I have met the King of Red Lions and am running around Windfall Island looking for a sail.  She is much further along than I, having already begun exploring the Forbidden Woods.  We are both enjoying the HD remake.  The overall feel of the art is the same, its just more refined and with a better sense of mass and volume.  


Mere Christianity was due back to the library this week, and had to be returned mostly unread.  I picked up a copy of The Gospel According to Tolkien, of which I have read the introduction.  So far, the book seems interesting and really tries to tease apart what things in Tolkien's work were inspired by his Christian faith.

That's all for this week.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.