The Professional Gamer - December 13, 2013

Hello everyone!  This week has provided some time to continue my playthough of the The Wind Waker as well as take in a movie premiere.  Read on for some further discussion.


I made some more progress through Attack on Titan, and there are strange things afoot.  The second half of The Star of Milos did not improve my opinion of the move as a whole.  Again, you are better off watching the original FMA series.  Just last night (or this morning) I went to the opening of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  I think I am going to need some more time to digest my opinion of the experience.  In brief, I think it DoS is on par with the first movie.  There are some good scenes and set pieces, however, I feel that they have not all been brought together into a cohesive whole.  All that being said, Smaug himself is awesome and is worth the cost of the cinema experience.


At this point, I think I have explored all of the islands in Wind Waker that are currently accessible to me, and I am therefore going back to the main plot.  At this point, I am exploring the Earth Temple with the help of Medli.  I'm still enjoying the remake a lot, and hoping that I will actually be able to complete the game myself.  


I am still working my way through my book.  Hopefully, I can find some more time to read as we get into the holidays.

That's all for this week.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.