The Professional Gamer - December 6, 2013

Hello everyone!  Following Thanksgiving, the weather took a turn for the super cold (highs in the teens and lows below zero).  This weather, along with the recent holiday gave me plenty of time to play some video games.  Read on for some further discussion.


I have watcheda few more episodes of Attack on Titan.  I'm still enjoying it and love guessing at what is really going on.  Also, started watching Fullmetal Alchmist: The Star of Milos last night.  I can't recommend this one wholeheartedly.  The animation quality is not the best and the script is actually rather bad.  If you need an FMA fix, I would recommned watching the series again instead.


I have made a lot of progress on Windwaker.  At this point, I have the Master Sword and have explored nearly all of the map.  I am now going back through every island to try to get everything I possibly can from them before I move on any further with the story.  Hopefully, I can find a few more heart container pieces before I have to continue the plot.


This week, I went back to working my way through The Gospel According to Tolkien.  I am enjoying some of the author's thoughts about the relationships between Tolkien's stories and his faith. This is not to say that I agree with them, but they provide some interesting speculation. 

That's all for this week.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.