Destiny Announced

It has been 3 years since we heard from Bungie. They made Halo: Reach and then left Microsoft for Activision. Since then we have been left wondering, what is going to be their next big thing. What are they going to do in order to surpass the legacy that they left with Halo? That question has now been answered with Destiny. But what is Destiny, and more importantly, should we care?

Destiny is, for lack of a better word, going to be big. The game is expected to span 10 years with at least 5 games and 5 major DLC packs (guessing at the contract they signed with Activision). It takes place several years in the future after humanity was almost decimated by, something. We were saved by the Traveler (big sphere thing). The last city on Earth has been built under what remains of the Traveler. You are special, you have the ability to use the technology left by the Traveler. With it you, and those like you, try to travel back into the solar system and reclaim or former outposts on the different planets. But other species have moved in to our former holdings. Violent species that want nothing more then our end. Now it up to you to save us all, or watch our extinction.

And that is the quick and dirty (not to mention all they said) about the story in the game. As for technical and gameplay details it appears this is going to be centered not around the character they have you play (ala Master Chief in Halo) but around you as the character you create. You will decide how things progress in either single player or multiplayer. The multiplayer thing is a guess, but given that you need an always on internet connection to play, I would say it is a good guess. They are also planing on mobile apps to keep in contact with your fellow players for setting up missions to the other planets or other events.

Now some may wonder why it has take so long for Bungie to start releasing details on this game. For one they have had to come up with brand new tech for the game. For instance, and we have no clue how they are doing to do this, but they don't want a lack of FPS skill to keep you from enjoying the game. So they made new tech to change that dynamic. They have also created a new graphics engine to do things like real time lighting. They won't be pre-rendering in the game which had taken enormous amounts of time and resources. This will allow for dynamic changes in the time of day and (maybe) even weather effects. 

Perhaps the only thing that could truly threaten the game is the unstable nature of the current console generation. Console sales are slowing and a new generation is on the horizon, but this game is set to come out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with sequels to come out on the next generation along with PC. I have faith in it, if solely for the fact that Bungie is the developer and they have not done an overly bad game in a long time. For, what might actually be less information head to the games site at You can also what the reveal video below (something I highly advise).