Wasabi Con Approaches

Looking to get more anime in your diet? Need more cosplay and geek focused panels? Well on March 1 - 3 Animeland Wasabi is being held at the Double Tree Hotel in Denver, CO.

So what and who can you expect to find at Animeland Wasabi? Lets start with the guests.

Jan Scott-Frazier - She is a director and producer who has worked on many projects, including Ghost in the Shell and Grandstream Saga!

Jamie McGonnigal - A brilliant voice actor who has lent his voice to many popular animes such as Pokémon(Barry and Trip) and Weiss Kreus/Knight Hunters(Omi)!

Preston Crowley - A voice actor who recently lent his voice to the audiobook, Prophecy of the Flames.

Yamila Abraham - The Queen of Yaoi herself, will be in attendance. Her publication, Yaoi Press, has put out countless yaoi mangas such as Zesty and The Aluria Chronicles!

Karl Custer, Jr - Known under his alternate name "Uncle Yo" in the convention circuit, Karl brings tons of laughs everywhere he goes. His ability to make numerous references to anime in a comedic fashion definitely seperates him from the rest. Uncle Yo will be in attendance via Skype this year due to work-related issues that prevent him from attending in person. But hey...how can you be mad at that? Oh wait, you can't! Lol!

Tanglwyst de Holloway - This lovely author will be gracing Wasabi this year. Known internationally for her fantasy novels, Tanglwyst also brings a plethora of cosplay knowledge to conventions in the form of costume making and armor making, too!

Warky T. Chocobo - WARK! Warky is an astounding musician, known for his unusal ability to play the piano without the use of his thumbs as well as the extremely rare ability to play music by ear, as opposed to reading sheet music! Aside from his musical prowress, Warky is also a voice actor and a member of the Mormon parody band, They Might Be Elders.

David Vincent - A very talented voice actor known for his roles in popular animes and video games such as Fate/Stay Night(Assassin), Bleach(Grimmjow Jeagerjaques & Kouga Kuchiki), Tekken 6(Marshall Law) and Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles(Richter Belmont).

Carter Reid - Owner of the site, Zombie Nation, Carter is an undead enthuiast and an awesome animator. His webcomics continue to split sides, even after death! He also has the uncanny ability to draw someone in zombie form! Want to be undead without all the bitey hassle? Talk to Carter!

Johnny Yong Bosch - Former Power Ranger and American voice actor from shows such as Vash in Trigun: Badlands Rumble and Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Johnny will also be playing this weekend with his band Eyshine.

And there we have it for guests. But an convention is more then just guests. There will also be panels! Now they have not listed all the panels so far, but they do have a few up so far. First off is Cosplay chess. In this two players play a normal game of chess. In another room is a board with humans as the chess pieces that are in cosplay. Pieces are chosen at the event first come first serve. In addition to chess there will be an actual Cosplay Contest. This will be for both amateurs and professionals and people can sign up the Friday of the convention (there is a link at the site for sign up, but it is not working as of this writing). The last event they have up is Animeland Recess. This will be going all week long and involve shooting people with Nerf guns. Events will be setup all week but sounds like a ton of fun. Look forward to Animeland Wasabi in just over a week!