Best Action/Adventure Game of 2012

Action/Adventure games are arguably a cornerstone in the gaming world. A number of games can fall into this category pretty easily. But you don’t care about that, without further delay I give you our nominees.

Darksiders 2
Max Payne 3
Assassins Creed 3
Borderlands 2

And the winner is Dishonored.

With its inventive, and possibly game breaking mechanics Dishonored was a gamble for Bethesda. It was one of the few new IPs to make this list and it was a success for them. From the multiple path levels to the different ways to deal with enemies you might argue that almost no two people had the same experience in Dishonored. Even if you played the same path in the game the way you played it could be very different. With this in mind we are proud to give Dishonored best Action / Adventure game of 2012.