Denver Comic Con - Guest Spawns

Denver Comic Con has announced yet more guests that have their spawn points set to the Denver Convention Center. And with this most recent one we actually have 1/2 the cast from The Guild. We present none other then the one, the only, Felicia Day! In addition to her work on The Guild and Buffy The Vampire Slayer she has started a mostly geek focused YouTube channel called Geek and Sundry. She is a true queen of geeks.

 Next up is Allen Bellman and Ramona Fradon. Allen has been in the business since the Golden Age of comics. While only a teenager he did backgrounds for Syd Shores' Captain America in 1942 and not slowed down since. He record includes titles such as The Patriot, The Destroyer, The Human Torch, Jap Buster Johnson and Jet Dixon fo the Space Squadron, Young Allies and much much more. Ramona has been in comics since 1950 and was a key individual in ushering in the Silver Age of comics with illustrations of Auquaman and Metamorpho for DC. Then in the 1970s she pencilled almost every issue of Super Friends and her strip Brenda Starr was seen for 15 years in newspapers everywhere until she retired in 1995. Just recently she released The Dinosaur That Got Tired of Being Extinct for all ages.