Summit on Anime in North America (SANA) Contest

Anime, it is a pretty big deal here in North America. We have a big (and mostly accepted) fan base. We have large corporations that deal in only anime. We even have conventions of all shapes and sizes that cater to the different fandoms of anime. But why is it so popular here? Why do we flock to it? Japan wants to find out.

SANA is the first event of its kind. Done in partnership with the Consulate-General of Japan and the Rocky Mountain Anime Association (parent of Nan Desu Kan). This is the first time Japan has explored this issue of anime in North American.  The summit will be a single 8 hour day featuring 6 keynote speakers all talking about one subject, why do we like anime so much and why is it so popular here? The results of this summit will be shared with the Consulate General of Japan and their colleagues back in Tokyo.

The downside of this amazing event? It is invitation only, limited to 200 guests. Don't get all disappointed, that does not mean there is not a way in. SANA is holding an essay writing contest to gain admittance to this ground breaking event. Specifics on the contest can be found on the official SANA site at What are you waiting for! You only have until March 15, 2013 to get entered for your chance to be a part of history.