Is It Just Me?

Hello gaming community, IrishPride here and I want to express my mind about a certain new game.  I realize I'll probably receive a lot of flak for this, but that doesn't bother me.  I'm hoping some gamers can tell me what I'm missing?
Now that my preface is out of the way, I want to briefly discuss Bioshock Infinite.  I don't know why, but I simply can't get into the game.  I've read all these reviews about how mind blowing it is, but I just don't understand the immense praise it's getting.  Granted, part of this is my fault because I have yet to finish the game, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to continue playing it so I can finish it.  The gameplay is good and all, but I can't find anything new and revolutionary, even though we have numerous critics claiming this to be the case.  It's a pretty standard shooter with hints of specialty items in vigors to break up the monotony of the lackluster gun play.  I've also read how immerse the story is, but I simply can't become enveloped within the story for whatever reason.
Sure, Columbia is kind of cool, but in the end, it's a floating city.  It was just like the original Bioshock for me, Rapture was a cool underwater utopia, but in the end, it was simply a city underwater for me.  But IrishPride, what about the Skyline Rails?  What about them?  It's just a quick way to get from point A to point B.  I thought they would be a cool way to traverse in the lands of Columbia, but I was totally over them after the first time I executed a Skyline kill.
 Check it out, I'm a floating city!
Maybe it's not just Bioshock Infinite, maybe it's simply the story and lore of Bioshock.  I never could beat the first two because neither one captured my interest long enough for me to finish the story.  I realize I'm in the minority, so I'm pleading to you, my fellow gamers, what am I missing in the Bioshock lore and more importantly, what am I missing in Bioshock Infinite?  I know I should finish the story to view the mind blowing ending, but I can't get into the gameplay to continue the story.  Ugh, maybe I'm just a hater and hate Bioshock.  I don't want this to be the case, but I'm having a difficult time enjoying this game.  I know everyone has their own opinion, so I'm looking towards you to express yours and tell me why I should continue playing.  The only solace I have right now for pre-ordering this game off Steam is that I received XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free.
This is IrishPride signing off and looking forward to your comments in explaining why I'm missing out on a fantastic game.