Xbox One Reveal

So I present to you my first attempt at live blogging an event. You may notice a break in times. The place streaming it had some issues with the Xbox and Kinect so I used my laptop as an emergency presentation computer so we could still watch. All times are in PT.

10:00 AM - The show begins.

10:02 AM - We are seeing a bunch of popular people talking about us and making the console. 

10:03 AM - Downside of watching the Xbox reveal on an Xbox with Kinect, it tries to activate some times.

10:04 AM - They are talking about the introduction of Xbox Live, HD gameing, and Kincect.

10:06 AM - They are talking about simplifying the home entertainment system.

10:12 AM - They are talking about a Kinect and voice integration on the system. Using hand motions to control access to the home screen and not lose what you are seeing.

They also showed the way phones can integrate with glass.

10:14 AM - Skype integration with the system. Showing Skype with snap mode where you can have Skype on the side while watching a movie or TV (possible games as well).

10:15 AM - They just swapped to ESPN. Showing fantasy game play tied into the live games.

10:17 AM - XBox One Guide shows TV listings right on you Xbox. You can also change channels saying their name.

10:20 AM - They just said they are going to try and make this future proof by mixing it with the cloud and mobile devices.

10:21 AM - 5 Billion Tranisiter and 8 GB of RAM, BLu-ray, 500 GB, 802 Built-in WiFi.

3 Operation Systems in one.
One for the developers, one for the Xbox Kernal, and the third brings things together.

10:22 AM - New Kinect sensor that supports more conversation. Unprecidented accuracy at over 2 Gb\s of data. It now reads when you are rotating wrists and shoulders.

10:24 AM - Updated controller with integrated battery and feed back in the buttons.

10:25 AM - Smart glass is up now. Now it is more then an add-on. It is a native part of Xbox.

10:26 AM - Today 15,000 servers power Xbox live. Now they will have 300,000 servers for Xbox Live.

Content will be cloud based. Movies, TV shows, and games wil be there. You will be able to record game videos and edit them before posting them.

Updated acheivements will also tell more about you then just what you play.

10:28 AM - Andrew Wilson from EA is up now.

10:29 AM - Amazing, they are making the same games they have always made for the system; FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and adding UFC.

10:30 AM - EA Ignite introduced that is supposed to bring a more human element to sports games. It should also make games into a living world by making fans seem more realistic. They are also adding truer player movement.

10:34 AM - Showing how the games should look. The cynic in me is wondering how much is gameplay and how much is rendered.

10:35 AM - Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios just took the floor.

10:37 AM - Forza Motorsports 5 was just announced. Looks great on the Xbox One. Expect it at launch.

10:39 AM - Now they are talking about what will come from Remedy (Max Payne, Alan Wake). Quantum Break just announced.

10:40 AM - Strange little girl just touched an older woman and now we see a ship destroying a bridge.
Tag line "Time is the fire in which we burn".

So the little girl can predict the future? Or cause it? 

10:41 AM -  15 exclusive games planned for Xbox one from Microsoft in the first year. 8 are new IPs.

10:43 AM - Nancy Tellem is talking about how TV on the Xbox will be more immersive and personalized. It will also make TV more social while you are watching it.

10:44 AM - Bonnie Ross (Head of 343 Studios) just took the stage to talk about Halo.

10:45 AM - A live action Halo show has just been introduced. 343 and Steven Spielberg will be working on this. Maybe called "Wake up John"? Or just "Halo: The Television Series".

10:47 AM - Game changing alliance with the NFL to change how people interact with the sport itself.

10:48 AM - Exclusive Xbox content with Smart Glass and Kinect. Yes you will have fantasy stats at the same time while watching the show. Openly taunt friends with Skype. Swap to clips of you favorite player scoring.

10:51 AM - The system is set to be launched this year.

10:52 AM - Call of Duty will have exclusive DLC first on the Xbox One.

10:53 AM - Eric Hirshberg is on the stage showing Call of Duty: Ghosts made by Inifity Ward.

10:55 AM - They have aimed to make the characters more human, someone you really feel for. The game starts with the US in ruins and your team is what is left of all the special forces in the US Military. They also added an important dog to your team.

10:56 AM - New system means a new game engine. Makes things feel more real while on the battlefield. Fluid dynamics, interactive smoke, and improved AI (example of a fish moving out of the way when you get close)

10:57 AM - New multiplayer aspects. Customize your soldier and dyanm8ic maps will make things different in each game.

10:58 AM - Still at 60 FPS. And will be the most beautiful and character driven Call of Duty game ever.

11:00 AM - They are showing comparisons between characters in MW3 and Ghost. It is a huge improvement.

11:03 AM - Graphics in the premier trailer are amazing. Supposidly they are in game graphics as well. They are about on the level of what would have been considered rendered before.

And that is all. Thanks for reading and we will have a condensed write up later today.