EA to Publish in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Today it was announced that Disney has given EA the rights to publish games based on the Star Wars universe for multiple years. This comes shortly after Disney axed Lucas Arts leaving a number of games in limbo, including Star Wars 1313. Still no word on if that game will actually ever see the light of day, but at least we have a new hope.

This deal EA will be responsible for creating games for "the most popular gaming genres and platforms" while Disney will have limited rights to make games for mobile, social, and Web platforms.  EA has three studios already signed up to make games, BioWare (duh), DICE and Visceral will all be producing games in this universe for us to enjoy.

EA is quite excited about this opportunity, citing EA Labels President Frank Gibeau "Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe". While I appreciate his excitement the cynic in me has a few problems. 1) What if that developer is a die hard Trekkie? He might hate making a game in the Star Wars universe. 2) How much are they going to make me pay for lightsaber parts?

In all seriousness EA knows they have to do this right. They have now been voted the worst company in America, twice. This will give them a chance to endear themselves back to gamers by making quality Star Wars games. This their big chance to not just be a souless empire , but a company we admire. Please EA, turn back from the dark side; you can still redeem yourself.