Piracy Ruins Game When Pirated

So I thought I was done for the night, until I stumbled on this gem. Greenheart Games has recently released a game called Game Dev Tycoon. In the game you play a game studio trying to make it big. When they released the game they had two versions, a legitimate version that costs a wallet shattering $8.00 and a cracked torrent version. If you bought the game it works just fine. If you were cheap and decided to play the cracked version, well this is what you would run into:

Seems like the karmic response would be pretty obvious to just about anyone. Too bad people are pretty dense.

Yes, they were complaining and asking for help that they where losing the game they pirated due to piracy. And this is not the only person to do this.

Think they would take the hint? If you feel for these guys give them your vote for Steam Greenlight at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=134714217&tscn=1367243691, or better yet, buy the game. And if you want to see the companies thoughts on this experiment, you can see their full rundown here.