Mad Max


Max is back and this time you are in control of his rage. In the game Max has lost his car and in this wasteland that means death. To survive he employs Chum Bucket to build him a new vehicle; the Magnum Opis. This is appears to be a major game point. You have to scavenge the waste land to get parts in order to upgrade the car to your play style. Each piece will affect the weight and handling of the car. A heavy grill guard will cause your car to ride lower if you don't upgrade the suspension.

In the demo we watched Max out on a mission to get the Talon; a heavy duty spear that he needs to get in order to take down the Jaw, a massive gate blocking his way to Gas Junction. They showed off the vehicle combat with Max and Chum Bucket using a spear gun to spin out a car, running other cars off the road and using a shotgun to blast bandits that jumped on the car. Once they retrieved the Talon they drove to where they needed to use it, but had to stop and take out some sentries on foot. This was done with a lighting stick (tossed into a guys chest and electrocuted him) and melee combat. Then he did a silent kill on another guy before returning to the car in order to pull out a sniper rifle and take out a few fuel tanks from range taking out a significant portion of their forces.

We were not given a release date on the game on the game, but given WB's record for entertaining games lately I think this is one we can look forward to.