Sony @ E3

Of the Big Three, Sony was the one that I had the most time with, as I got to attend their press conference. Despite some bugs on stage the show seemed to go off rather well. Now since E3 a few things have changed, so I am going to touch on the exclusive titles that they showed, as well as what still separates the PS4 from the competition.

The Order: 1886The Games

Sony is being no slouch at making sure they have some unique games to win over their fans. The AAA titles they had for the PS4 were Killzone Shadow Fall, The Order: 1886inFamous Second Son, Knack, and The Dark Sorcerer (not so sure this game is serious or a spoof). I suppose I should mention the Kingdom Hearts III teaser as well. The biggest mystery was The Order: 1886. I'm making an assumption we are fighting werewolves (or some sort of lycanthrope monster) and it is is set in, well, 1886. The idea looks interesting, but all we got was a teaser.  They also had a number of indie titles to show off such as Octodad: Dadliest CatchTransistor, Don't Starve, and Oddword: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty.

Not to forget the current generation, Sony also showed off what they have planned for the VITA and the PS3. PS3 owners can look forward to Puppeteer, a game where you have been turned into a puppet and your head has been devoured and your body cast away. Not all is lost though, as your body finds a magic pair of scissors that will help you reclaim your head and hopefully return home. Beyond: Two Souls is also making its way to the PS3 along with Grand Turismo 6. As for you VITA owners, you get your own Killzone title called Killzone Mercenary, the God of War Collection and some fun looking new titles such as Doki-Doki Universe (which I think is also coming to PS3 and PS4), Tearaway, and Final Fantasy X | X-2.

The System

So here is what everyone really went to see, the PS4. There wasn't a whole lot of new news. They said that the PS4 supports used games. They mentioned that their disc based games can be traded / loaned / sold. And they said it will not require a online check in to play the games. All that is a moot point now as both systems (XBox One & PS4) will include that at launch and is no longer a buying decider.


Good stuff that is still good is that the  Playstation Plus memberships will go to the PS4 and it will be less then $5 per month. It will also give you all the things in the fancy picture to the left as well as Driveclub for the PS4 during the first year along with Don't Starve, Out Last, and Secret Ponchos. They followed this up with information on the Cloud Service that will come in 2014. With the Cloud, they will bring us console quality games to the PS VITA, Tablets and smart phones (if I'm remembering correctly). All of this goodness for $399 sometime this holiday season.

And that is what I have for Sony. Do I plan to get a PS4? Yeah, I have it pre-ordered even as maintaining this site requires the need to purchase these systems so I can tell you all about it. Look for more coming news in the following months.